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Sexual Exploitation of Teenagers: Adolescent Development, Discrimination, and Consent Law (University of Chicago Press, forthcoming 2016). See Jennifer’s News page.

Sexual Harassment Law: History, Cases, and Theory (2005). A new edition is anticipated for 2017.





Book Chapters

Technology and the “Right to Service” in India: Getting Reddy’d (coauthored with Oliver R. Goodenough) in Right to Service and Good Governance: Perception, Perspective and Promotion (Gurmanpreet Kaur & Geetika Walia, eds., forthcoming 2016).

Religion and Employment (coauthored with Jill L. Wesley) in Religion and the State (Boris I. Bittker, Scott C. Idelman, and Frank S. Ravitch, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Sex-Based Harassment: A Comment on U.S. and Indian Legal Responses in Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (Gurpreet Randhawa, et al., eds., Aashna Publications, 2015) (available in India, ISBN no. 978-81-926288-1-3).

The Myth of “Legal” Consent in a Consumer Culture in Facets of Consumerism in a Global Economy (Anand Pawar, ed., Twenty First Century Publications, 2015) (available in India, ISBN no. 978-93-85446-27-6).

Consent, Teenagers, and (un)Civil(ized) Consequences in Children, Sexuality and the Law (Sacha M. Coupet and Ellen Marrus, eds., New York University Press, 2015).


Exposing the Myth of Consent: Strictures from Neuroscience, Economics, and Relational Contracting, 12 Ind. Health L. Rev. 471-531 (2015) (co-authored with Oliver R. Goodenough).

Religion and Employment Anti-Discrimination Law: Past, Present, and Post Hosanna-Tabor, 69 NYU Ann. Surv. Am. L. 761-835 (2015) (co-authored with Jill L. Wesley).

 The Neurobiology of Decision-Making in High Risk Youth & The Law of Consent to Sex, 17 New Crim. L. Rev. 502 (Summer 2014) (peer reviewed) (coauthored with Prof. Leslie Hulvershorn, M.D.).

Wake Up and Smell the Starbucks Coffee: How Doe v. Starbucks Confirms the End of the “Age of Consent” in California and Perhaps Beyond, 33 B.C. J.L. & Soc. Just. 1 (2013) (lead article).

Fifty Shades of Sex in the Office, Women & Soc. Movements in the U.S., 1600-2000 (March 2013) (reviewing Julie Berebitsky, Sex and the Office: A History of Gender, Power, and Desire (2012)) available at

A Bee Line in the Wrong Direction: Science, Teenagers, and the Sting to “The Age of Consent,” 20 J.L. & Pol’y 63 (2011).

Jazzing Up Family Law, 42 Ind. L. Rev. 533 (2009).

Reflections from Jennifer Drobac, 62 SMU L. Rev. 1701 (2009).

A Uniform Domestic Partnership Act: Marrying Business Partnership And Family Law, 41 Georgia L. Rev. 349 (2007) (coauthored with Prof. Antony Page).

I Can’t To I Kant: The Sexual Harassment of Working Adolescents, Competing Theories, and Ethical Dilemmas, 70 Albany L. Rev. 675 (2007).

“Please Don’t; I Have My Standards!”, 27 BNA Employment Discrimination Report 55, 57 (2006).

“Developing Capacity”: Adolescent “Consent” at the Workplace, at Law, and in the Sciences of the Mind, 10 U.C. Davis J. Juvenile L. & Pol’y 1 (2006) (lead article).

Sex and the Workplace: “Consenting” Adolescents and a Conflict of Laws, 79 Wash. L. Rev. 471 (2004) (quoted by Judge Richard A. Posner in Doe v. Oberweis Dairy, 456 F.2d 704, 718 (7th Cir. 2006) (rejecting consent as a complete defense in a Title VII case involving a minor)).

ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, Sex-Based Harassment: Best Practices For the Legal Profession, Prepared for the Commission by Deborah L. Rhode and Jennifer A. Drobac (December 2002).

The Oncale Opinion: A Pansexual Response, 30 McGeorge L. Rev. 1269 (1999).

Pansexuality and the Law, 5 Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. 297 (1999).

Note, For the Sake of the Children: Court Consideration of Religion in Child Custody Cases, 50 Stan. L. Rev. 1609 (1998).

The “Perfect” Jointure: Its Formulation After the Statute of Uses, 19 Cambrian L. Rev. 26 (1988).