Lunch with RGNUL Colleagues at the Baradari Palace

To celebrate my last full week here in Patiala, one of my wonderful Indian colleagues, Dr. Anand Pawar, took me and several other professors to lunch at the Baradari Palace. This gorgeous building was formerly the home of the Maharaja Rajindera Singh, and is now a heritage hotel, another oasis in the middle of congested and noisy Patiala.

Geetika (Law), Jennifer (Law), and Shveta (Political Science)

Geetika (Law), Jennifer (Law), and Shveta (Political Science)

Gurman (Law), Jennifer, Geetika (Law)

Gurman (Law), Jennifer, Geetika (Law)

Anand (Law), Jennifer, Jasleen (Sociology), and Aniket (3)

Anand (Law), Jennifer, Jasleen (Sociology), and Aniket (3)

We enjoyed many traditional dishes (including my favorite, dal makhani) and a few new ones, including cheese stuffed with cheese!IMG_1220

IMG_1213Geetika pointed out the queens’ gallery that overlooks the dining room of the palace. Women did not take meals with men in the days of the Maharaja but they could watch from above.

After lunch, our waiters brought us finger bowls and I admired Geetika’s henna’d hands. (Headline picture.)

IMG_1226We also took a few pictures within the palace halls. We admired all of the gurus.

IMG_1227Later, I took a stroll on the grounds that look out over the Baradari Gardens.

IMG_1230 - Version 2I will update this post if my friends send me more good pictures from this delightful afternoon. My sincerest thanks to all and especially Dr. Anand who hosted us. I also appreciated visiting with Geetika and her husband later for coffee and sweets. We had a really interesting conversation about Indiana customs and the future of India at their home with Gurman, who later drove me back to the RGNUL campus. A memorable (and delicious!) way to celebrate my last teaching days here in Patalia.


About Jennifer Drobac

R. Bruce Townsend Professor of Law Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law~ I began my journey in the San Francisco Bay area. A student at CPS in Oakland and then at Stanford University, I worked for several years before attending law school, again at Stanford. A trip around the world after taking the California Bar introduced me to more distant lands than I had seen during school days. I returned to clerk for Judge Barefoot Sanders in Dallas, Texas where I gave birth to Michal McDowell-- the best first born daughter and future doctor one can imagine. When she was two, we moved to Santa Cruz, California where I opened my own law practice. After I earned my doctoral degree (in law) at Stanford, I hit the road again and settled here in Indiana where I teach at IU McKinney. As I anticipate exploring the world again as a Fulbright Specialist (starting in India), I start this blog. A travel log of adventures in midlife!
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