An Invitation

This “good self” is definitely going to Khalsa College for the National Seminar on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality next weekend.

I just love the polite courtesies here. Everyone is Ma’am or Sir. Shveta-Ma’am, Dr. Jennifer- Ma’am. Even between colleagues in our office, the women refer to each other as ma’am and to the gentlemen as sir. Respectful accommodation is so soothing. On the other hand, I recently saw a gentleman touch the lower leg of the Vice Chancellor. I am told that this gesture (of touching the feet, hem, or lower leg) is a still used display of respect for an older or distinguished person. One student came up to me and asked if I knew of this gesture and if he could touch my shoe. I replied that I preferred another gesture and offered him a “high five,” which he immediately recognized. I said that, for me, high five represented equality and a movement together and upward– the future of India. I hope the future for us all.

I send “high fives” to my Ma’ams and Sirs at home! I will let you know about the trip to Khalsa College!


About Jennifer Drobac

R. Bruce Townsend Professor of Law Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law~ I began my journey in the San Francisco Bay area. A student at CPS in Oakland and then at Stanford University, I worked for several years before attending law school, again at Stanford. A trip around the world after taking the California Bar introduced me to more distant lands than I had seen during school days. I returned to clerk for Judge Barefoot Sanders in Dallas, Texas where I gave birth to Michal McDowell-- the best first born daughter and future doctor one can imagine. When she was two, we moved to Santa Cruz, California where I opened my own law practice. After I earned my doctoral degree (in law) at Stanford, I hit the road again and settled here in Indiana where I teach at IU McKinney. As I anticipate exploring the world again as a Fulbright Specialist (starting in India), I start this blog. A travel log of adventures in midlife!
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