The Gandhi Smriti Centre

February 18
The first task of the day was a very productive meeting with Mr. Girish Kaul [United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF)] who gave me my Fulbright briefing.

With only a few hours before I needed to leave for the airport, I went to the Gandhi Smriti Centre, Gandhi’s last residence before he was assassinated. It was a very moving museum house and gardens. Quite peaceful! Amongst many displays on the ground level were photographs and famous quotes. One memorable quote read, “Woman is described as man’s better half. As long as she has not the same rights in law as man, as long as the birth of a girl does not receive the same welcome as that of a boy, so long we should know that India is suffering from partial paralysis. Suppression of women is a denial of Ahimsa [cause no injury].” This is as true for the U.S. as it is for India. Gandhi’s teachings are still so important and relevant. This Centre helps to preserve and educate about his message.


How wonderful, too, that I encountered a group of school girls touring the Gandhi Smriti Centre. A couple of very brave girls stepped out of line to say with careful articulation, “Good morning.” They were clearly practicing their English on me. I took a picture of the group in front of the “World Peace Gong.” They gave me hope for our world.IMG_0913

Another notable aspect of the visit were the creative artistic exhibits. The upper level of the building held displays of modern art themed around Gandhi’s life and message. One gorgeous harp, carved to represent Gandhi’s posed figure, was connected to a video projector. When one strums the harp, a different Indian freedom movement video plays. I saw one of children singing. Lovely. I could have spent an entire afternoon there but I knew I needed to catch a flight to Chandigarh and from there head to Patiala.


About Jennifer Drobac

R. Bruce Townsend Professor of Law Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law~ I began my journey in the San Francisco Bay area. A student at CPS in Oakland and then at Stanford University, I worked for several years before attending law school, again at Stanford. A trip around the world after taking the California Bar introduced me to more distant lands than I had seen during school days. I returned to clerk for Judge Barefoot Sanders in Dallas, Texas where I gave birth to Michal McDowell-- the best first born daughter and future doctor one can imagine. When she was two, we moved to Santa Cruz, California where I opened my own law practice. After I earned my doctoral degree (in law) at Stanford, I hit the road again and settled here in Indiana where I teach at IU McKinney. As I anticipate exploring the world again as a Fulbright Specialist (starting in India), I start this blog. A travel log of adventures in midlife!
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